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Early Stage Founders

Creating the right governance for your startup and how it should evolve

Having the correct governance in place for your startup is critical to your future success. What do we mean by governance? We've written a little blog here that moots the need for different governance at different times of your startup's life. We cover advisory boards, formal boards, governance for investment and governance for scale up and exit planning. Read blog.

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Board And Advisor Expectations As You Grow

As you grow, the expectation of your board and advisors is that you can clearly, and succinctly show your progress, and any risks associated with your progress. Jazoodle gets you into the habit of being board ready early in your startup life and we'll do all the hard work for you! Setup is simple, and quick and your startup will be setup in less than 3 minutes

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Getting it right in your board meetings

As with any meeting, always be aware of who your audience is, what their needs are, and how you can effectively convey your responses to their needs. We've included suggested templates for your board agenda or advisory board agenda. Also note that depending upon your constitution, board agendas should be communicated to your board at least 5 working days before your board meeting. Download a sample board agenda here

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Forecasting Tips As You Grow

Getting started with your board reporting and forecasting can be scary! However, we're trying to make this a lot less scary for you. We've produced a set of checklists that you can use when preparing your board or advisory reports and forecasts. Feel free to down load them here. Use them weekly, monthly and quarterly to ensure you're always ahead of your numbers, delight your board and advisors, and allow you to spend time on your startup, not your numbers

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Our plans

For our amazing founders, we'd like to support your journey. Use voucher code 10XFriends15 and save 15% on all of our plans for 12 months

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Podcast Series For Startup Founders

We'll soon be launching a podcast series for startup founders. Details to be released here shortly. In the series, we speak with current founders, startup mentors and investors in helping you unravel the startup minefield and getting your business set up for growth, funding, risk mitigation and ultimate success

Jazoodle podcast with Alan Jones